Campbell Dosch

Campbell is a member of the National Sculpture Society and has studied the Native American culture and history . He uses historic references to insure he is accurate in his depictions. Campbell has also learned the art of patina and how to apply this chemical process of color to his bronze sculptures in order to capture the exact essence he wants to portray. “Patina is very tricky; it can make or break the sculpture. Making it too dark or to light, applying it with too much heat or not enough can give it wrong tone and color and ruin the look. Because sculptures are three denominational, shadows are what create the “lines” used to construct the image. Its imperative those shadows are represented correctly or the sculpture looks off”

Because his father was in the Air Force, Campbell was born and raised outside the U.S., living in and visiting many countries around the world including Lebanon, Greece, Jordan and Turkey before his family finally settled in the States when he was 15 years old. From this, he developed an appreciation and respect for different cultures and people, which he carries over in his artwork.

Campbell began sculpting at Utah Valley University when he took an introductory course in his early 20’s and quickly fell in love with it. At the time there were only two sculpting courses in the art department. After completing both courses, he continued to learn from his instructor, and spent hours in the classroom studio practicing the skills he been taught. Focusing mainly on the human form and portrait art, he also studied anatomy and bone structure, which provided a solid reference for sculpting the human body by learning what it looks like from the inside out.

Soon after finishing college, Campbell put his sculpting career on hold when he married and started a family. However, in 2019 after persistent encouragement from his wife, (for which he will forever be grateful), he picked up were he left off and began sculpting again, this time professionally.

Additional Artwork