Tom Darro

Tom Darro was born in Chicago, Illinois.  He served a long and carefully guided apprenticeship with his father, then a religious illustrator and sculptor.  After serving in the Navy Air Corp. he went to Los Angeles to continue his studies with Glen Villpu, head of the drawing department at the Art Center, and Theodore Lukitz, a European trained painter and teacher.  Important to his studies also was Dr. Christan Title, the former vice president of the American Students Artists League of Paris, France.

For the past 20 years, Darro has worked and lived in the Southwest drawing his inspiration and knowledge from its people and history. His paintings have been featured in articles and on the covers of the leading Western Art magazines in America.  His work hangs in both public and private collections throughout the world including the Rothschild’s collection in Europe and both the Rockefeller collection and the Raymond James Foundation collection in America.  Darro was a Prix de West Artist from 2007-2013 as well as other notable museum shows.

Additional Artwork