Tom Browning

“I didn’t choose art as a career, it chose me” is the answer often given by
Tom Browning whenever asked why he decided to become an artist. Tom
began drawing horses, wildlife and Indians at age seven, and after five
decades of painting and studying the work of Charlie Russell, James
Reynolds, and Haddon Sundblom, Browning never tires of finding exciting
ways to express this subject matter with the colorful and fluid brushwork
that distinguish his place in the Western art market.

In 2009 Tom won the coveted Prix de West award for his painting ‘Dawn of
a New Day’. Later that same year he was elected into the esteemed group
of western artists, Cowboy Artists of America.

Today he is best known for his oil paintings portraying horse and cattle
drives filled with a convincing sense of light and dust.

Additional Artwork