Scottsdale, AZ
Jackson, WY

Ott Jones

Growing up in Spokane, Washington, Ott Jones’ interest in art, wildlife and outdoor adventure was kindled as a young boy. “As far back as I can remember dad and I were hunkered down in a blind at the duck club, walking the fields for upland birds and wading the streams fly fishing for trout. Because of these great experiences, I developed a deep appreciation and fascination for wildlife as well as a lifetime passion for the great outdoors. At an early age, I began drawing and sculpting the animals and birds I observed. From the start, mom and dad have always encouraged my interest in art. They were also very involved with the Spokane Western Art Show which exposed me to sculpture and painting at an early age.”

Attending Washington State University on a tennis scholarship, Ott studied biology and art. After graduation, he worked as a fishing guide on the Alaskan Peninsula for three summers and one year in the Prudhoe Bay oil fields on the Arctic Ocean as a welder’s helper. “Alaska with its abundant wildlife and vast wilderness has provided me with a life-time of memories and inspiration. It has truly been one of the greatest influences on my art career.”

Over the years, Ott has exhibited in dozens of museums across the nation and participated in hundreds of shows including Allied Artists Of America, C.M. Russell Show, National Sculpture Society, Society Of Animal Artists, Southeastern Wildlife Exposition and Waterfowl Festival. He is a member of the professional organizations – Allied Artists Of America, Montana Professional Artists Association and Society Of Animal Artists. His work can be found in thousands of private and corporate collections throughout the world. Today, Ott, his wife Joan and their four children live on five acres in the Gallatin Valley, outside of Bozeman, where they built a home and separate studio in 2007.

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