Karin Hollebeke

“The field of Western art is limitless in its challenges,” Karin Hollebeke says, “I cannot think of a more rewarding subject matter. I am fortunate to live in the West, to be an artist, and to spend my life surrounded by beauty.” Karin’s journey to the West was a long one. Born in West Germany, Karin came to the U.S. as a teen when her father, an engineer for Volkswagen, was transferred to Pennsylvania. Eventually, the family moved to El Paso, Texas, where Karin was exposed to ranching. Though she loved the Western life, Karin pursued an education and career in commercial illustration. The two converged when she began creating western paintings for shows and galleries. Karin now lives on a ranch in Utah where she gets firsthand knowledge for her art. “I am fortunate,” Karin says, “to have the challenge to create and recreate the scenes of the historic West.”

Additional Artwork