Scottsdale, AZ
Jackson, WY

John Berry

Born June 9, 1920, in London, England, John Berry began his studies in art early in life and won a scholarship to the Hammersmith College of Art, London, in 1934. He was then awarded a scholarship to the Royal Academy School of Art in 1939. He volunteered for the Royal Air Force. in 1940, and served in the Western Desert in the Middle East in 1941. He became War Artist for the 8th army and his paintings from this time were exhibited in the National Gallery in London during World War II. Later, they were permanently housed in the Imperial War Museum, Lambeth, London.

After the war, Mr. Berry designed various advertising campaigns including the creation of the ESSO (Exxon) Tiger in 1951.
Over the next ten years, Mr. Berry painted all the past and present Commandants of the Joint Services Staff College and these paintings are in a special gallery in the Staff College. He also painted portraits from photographs for Harrod’s clients and exhibited paintings in the Harrod

Additional Artwork