David Leffel

Born and raised in New York City, David A. Leffel is a painter in the style of early Dutch and Flemish painters such as Vermeer and Rembrandt. His childhood was quite different from most children as he spent eleven years, from the ages of 4 until 15, in the hospital with osteomyelitis, a bone disease. During this time, he developed a love of art expression, especially drawing.

Following high school graduation, Leffel attended Parsons School of Design and Fordham University and worked odd jobs in California and New York. He enrolled in the Art Students League in New York, and eventually taught there for 20 years.

In the 1970s, he took illustration jobs to make money and, having returned full time to his own painting, moved in 1992 to Taos, New Mexico with his partner, Sherrie Mc Graw, also an artist. They have a home “with a stunning view of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains” (Van Cleve) and have added large studios for each of them. Leffel regards his studio as his sanctuary, a quiet, uncluttered and joyful place. While painting in the daytime, he often plays classical music, and as evening approaches switches to blues

He conducts workshops throughout the country, and has written two books: An Artist Teaches and Self-Portraits: A Visual Journey of Insight.

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