Scottsdale, AZ
Jackson, WY
Bozeman, MT

Curt Walters

Curt Walters is a plein-aire impressionist painter known for his depictions of the Grand Canyon.  Though his body of work is largely comprised of the Southwestern vista, he enjoys painting land- and cityscapes from all over the globe.

Walters has long had an eye–and desire–for art. When he was 14, his sister was given a paint set.  “It took me about two minutes to steal it from her,” he once quipped.  From there, he took to copying the paintings on the walls of their New Mexican farmhouse, and at the age of 15, sold his first piece.

Four years later, the fledgling young artist visited the Grand Canyon for the first time, and so began a lifelong love affair. “I get the same feeling today as I did that first time, thirty-five years ago.”

Since then, Walters has focused much of his time and energies on Grand Canyon …but not only as an artist. In the early ’90’s, the growing amount of air pollution over the gorge (something unintentionally documented in his paintings) began to concern Walters.  Shortly thereafter, he learned of The Grand Canyon Trust, and how they were fighting pollution throughout the entire Colorado Plateau.  Ten years and $500,000 later–much of which has been collected from donated paintings–Walters is still eager to meet new environmental challenges with the Trust.  For all of his hard work and dedication, he has received the honored position of “Official Artist of The Grand Canyon Trust.”

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