Scottsdale, AZ
Jackson, WY

Cindy Long

Cindy Long’s drawings of the people of the West are reflections of her lifelong interests in both drawing and western characters. Her interest in art led her to earn a degree in Graphic Design and work in the design field for a number of years, but her desire to draw never waned.

Several years ago, after a long hiatus from the world of art, Cindy felt a strong desire to return to her love of drawing, concentrating on creating portraits of the people of the West. This unique group of individuals has long held intrigue for her, and continues to capture her imagination. Much to her delight, her love of working with the pencil had only deepened with time, and she began drawing with renewed passion.

Cindy enjoys the deep emotion and personality that can be created in a graphite or charcoal portrait, especially those portraying the people who work and live the Western life. It is her desire to not only achieve a likeness in her portraits, but to capture something deeper about the subject as well. She hopes to provide a glimpse into the subject’s inner spirit, capturing an essence about them that tells a story or in some way engages the viewer’s imagination.

A Texas resident, Cindy participates in art shows throughout the West. Her artwork has been included in features in “Art of the West”, “Southwest Art” and “American Artists: Drawing”, featured on the cover of “Horses in Art” magazine, shown in “Western Art Collector” magazine, and was included in the book, “Strokes of Genius, The Best of Drawing”.

Additional Artwork