Singin’ the Blues





Pause at the River by Frank McCarthy

Sweet Little Half-Ass

Squaw Peak Trail

Pasture in Shadow

Sundown at the Creek

Windows of Soft Light

Uinta Range

The Evening Was Radiant

Straw Bales

Stream in a Drizzly Forest

Mountain Valley Barn

Looking Good in Red

Box Elder on the Fenceline

Blue Orange Blue

Assisi’s Blue Skies at Ranchos

Ancient Stories Under Tiffany Skies

September, Monument Valley

We Could

One Vision

For Us


White Egrets Near Soccoro

White Egrets Along the Pecos

Santa Fe Chief, West Bound

An Age Old Tradition

The Beauty of Age

Dog Valley Camp

Campfire Stories

Sage Creek Camp

Red Rock Majesty

Gathered by the Fire