Stamped Bracelet

navajo Silver Cuff c1920s

Navajo Silver Cuff c1920s

Navajo Green Stone Cuff c1940s

Pueblo Three Stone Cuff c1930s

7 Stone Navajo Cuff c1930s

5 Stone Navajo Cuff c1930s

Navajo Three Stone Cuff c1930s

Navajo Green Stone c1930s

Arizona Turquoise Inlay Bracelet


Arizona Turquoise Inlay Bracelet


Narrow Assorted Turquoise Large

Narrow Nevada Web Turquoise Large

Raised Inlay Nevada Matrix Large

1950’s Ingot Turquoise Cluster Bracelet

Navajo 13 Stone c1930s

Navajo 7 Stone Cuff c1940s

Navajo Silver Cuff c1920s

Navajo Multi-Stone Cuff c1930s

Sandstone Ingot Pour Bracelet

Pilot Mountain Turquoise Bracelet

Anticlastic Holed Cuff

Stamped Two Part Silver Bracelet

Stamped Anticlastic Cuff

Triangle Line Cuff

Sterling Silver Bracelet with Spiny Oyster Stone

Narrow Large Natural Opal, Coral Tips 14k Bracelet

Silver Turquoise and Petrified Agate Braceelt

Raised Inlay M-L Nevada Super Web Bracelet

Narrow Med Nevada Greens Bracelet

5/8″ Large Nevada Candelaria Bracelet

5/8″ Medium Nevada Candelaria Synthetic Opal Dot Bracelet

Narrow Medium Arizona Blue Turquoise Bracelet

Narrow Arizona Blue Turquoise Medium Bracelet

Narrow Assorted Nevada Greens Turquoise Med Bracelet

Narrow Nevada Green Medium Bracelet