The Road Home

“White Indian” by Fritz Scholder

Song of the Corn Dance, # AP I

Museum Tower

Las Trampas Dusk

Smiley Face

Spirit of Thunder

Lonely Desert

Saguaro Sunset

Blazing Hillside

Arriving Sunlight

High Desert Morning

Snowshoe Hare, mini

Spirit Man

Can You see Yesterday

Two Riders at Sunset

Good Medicine

The Gatherer, # 10/35

Ravens Voyage, front/back

No Wrong Without a Cause

Bear Society

Weather Report: Sun and Rain

The Road to the Sun

Enjoying the Views




Bright Morning

Near Iron Point, Deer Camp

Penasco Study, I

Where Wind Blew Free

On the High Road, Toward the Clouds

High Road Memories

Distant Drums

New Mexico Woodcarver With Oxen,study

New Mexico Wood Carver