Thomas Blackshear & C. Michael Dudash: “The Living Canvas”

September 15 - 25


“The Living Canvas” featuring the work of Thomas Blackshear and C. Michael Dudash, allows the collector to take a closer look at the works of two prominent artists in the Western art world.

Thomas Blackshear is a renowned artist known for his masterful portrayal of Western themes and his exceptional attention to detail. His paintings capture the essence of the American West, showcasing its rugged landscapes, iconic characters, and rich cultural heritage. Blackshear’s use of vibrant colors and meticulous brushwork brings his subjects to life, evoking a sense of nostalgia and admiration for the Western frontier. His ability to convey emotion and narrative through his art has earned him a well-deserved place among the great Western painters of our time.

Michael Dudash is another exceptional artist who has made significant contributions to the world of Western art. His paintings are known for their historic subject matter and the artist’s keen eye for capturing the subtle nuances of light and shadow. Dudash’s subjects range from cowboys and Native Americans to everyday scenes of Western life, each painting telling a unique story. His ability to infuse his artwork with a sense of drama and authenticity has garnered him critical acclaim and a dedicated following.

While both Thomas Blackshear and Michael Dudash are masters of Western art, their styles and approaches differ significantly. Blackshear’s work often exudes a sense of romanticism and idealism, with his subjects portrayed in heroic and larger-than-life compositions. On the other hand, Dudash’s paintings tend to be more introspective and contemplative, capturing the quiet moments and intimate details of Western life. Despite their stylistic differences, both artists share a deep appreciation for the Western landscape and a passion for preserving its beauty through their art.

Opening Reception: Friday September 15, 2023, 5-7pm