“Frontiers Reimagined: The Cubist West and Modern Spirit” David Jonason & Nocona Burgess

June 14-23, 2024


Nocona Burgess and David Jonason are both renowned artists with a passion for capturing the beauty of the American West. Through their unique styles and techniques, they bring to life the landscapes, people, and wildlife of this region. Heavily inspired by his Comanche heritage, Nocona creates stunning pieces that showcase the history and culture of Indigenous people. His art often combines traditional techniques with a contemporary twist, making it both visually striking and culturally significant. David Jonason draws on his professional experience of 25 years as one of America’s top illustrators as well as inspiration drawn from a cavalcade of 20th-century art movements and artists, achieves a uniquely personal vision through his iconic, vividly dreamlike oil paintings of the American Southwest.

Opening: Friday, June 14, 5-7pm
Show Duration: June 14th – 23rd, 2024

***Featured images are David Jonason’s “Blue Storm” Oil on Canvas”, 30” x 30” (detail) and Nocona Burgess’ “Last King of the Empire/Quanah Parker”, Acrylic on Canvas, 72” x 60” (detail)