A Weekend with Paul Rhymer

July 26-27, 2024


Paul Rhymer is a renowned sculptor who has gained fame for his exceptional work in portraying animals and their experiences through art. His passion for sculpture has led him on many adventures, including weekend visits to the Legacy Gallery Santa Fe where he meets with collectors, discusses his latest works, and chats about sculpture.
But Paul’s inspiration does not only come from within the walls of his studio, he is also an avid fisher, hunter and birder. These outdoor activities have given him access to an unlimited source of ideas for his sculptures. By observing these animals in their natural habitats, Paul captures their movements, expressions and emotions – translating them into stunning pieces of art.

Friday July 26th & Saturday July 27th, 2024

***Featured image is “Jumping Jack Flash”, Bronze Edition of 8, 101” h x 46”w x 35”d