A Weekend with Dale Terbush

June 28-29, 2024


Immersing yourself in a weekend with Dale Terbush is akin to stepping into a vibrant world of color, texture, and emotion. Over two enlightening days, collectors are invited to observe the master at work, witnessing first-hand the birth of his mesmerizing pieces and gaining insight into the intricate processes behind their creation. Terbush, a ceaseless fount of creativity, infuses every moment of his life with an artistic fervor, turning every experience into a catalyst for his breathtaking artwork. His creations, at once elegant and mysterious, pulsate with bold, exciting energy, imbued with a poetic spirituality that transcends the visual image. This transformative weekend allows you a glimpse into the magical realm that Terbush conjures with every stroke of his brush, a realm where the ordinary is made extraordinary through the power of art.

Friday June 28th & Saturday June 29th, 2024

***Featured image is “When Heaven Tells You Secrets”, Acrylic, 24” x 24”