About this artist

The son of world-renowned wildlife artist Gary R. Swanson, Trevor is a brilliant example of inspired talent passing from one generation to another.  Almost intuitively, he acquired an appreciation for the realism, detail and value systems essential to wildlife rendering.  His artwork celebrates the majesty of untamed wildlife and beauty of unspoiled environments.  The creative process begins with the insight and emotional response he gleans directly from wild animals in their natural settings.

Trevor’s oil paintings are created using the tried and true method of the Old Italian masters. He uses only fine quality canvas, which is primed using ground marble. The technique that he uses to capture all of the detail in his pieces involves many layers of paint with long drying times between the applications. From beginning to end, a typical painting will take approximately 4- 5 weeks. It is a meticulous process that requires a lot of patience but the end result is well worth it. Trevor lives in Phoenix, AZ with his wife Jennifer and two children.