About this artist

From the rugged and tranquil plains of Craig, Colorado, Taylor Crisp’s artistic vision was ignited amidst the sweeping vistas of the Southwestern United States. Taylor’s journey is a testament to the power of place and its profound impact on creative expression. An intrepid explorer of Moffat County’s sagebrush expanses and the storied peaks of the San Juan Mountains, her imagination roamed as freely as her footsteps, conjuring tales of the Old West and realms that transcended time.
Taylor’s quest for visual storytelling propelled her to the esteemed halls of the University of Southern California’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she refined her craft and graduated with a degree in Film Production and a minor in Environmental Science in 2015. The duality of her studies reflects her intrinsic connection to the landscape — both as a canvas for narrative and a subject demanding environmental sensitivity and understanding.
The pivotal moment in Taylor’s artistic path emerged in an encounter with contemporary western artistry, notably the groundbreaking work of Ed Mell. The bold distillation of form, combined with an arresting palette, acted as a siren call, compelling Taylor to explore this transformative aspect of Western Landscape art. Further delving into the genre introduced her to Maynard Dixon, whose evocative depictions of the Southwest profoundly influenced her own artistic ethos.
Taylor Crisp now stands at the precipice of a vibrant career as a self-taught painter, earnestly dedicating her talents to both honoring and evolving the legacy of the Western Landscape art form. Her approach is an elegant exercise in minimalism, striving to distill the contours and hues of the terrain to their essence, mindful of Saint-Exupery’s wisdom that true perfection lies in reduction to the elemental.
Her works not only echo the silent expanse of the mountains near Los Angeles, where she continually seeks new inspiration, but also serve as tactile narratives that speak to an enduring connection between the land and the imagination. In every brushstroke flows the spirit of the Southwest — a region that first captivated a young girl from Craig, CO, and continues to redefine her artistic journey.