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Scott Rogers, a sculptor with thirty-three years of experience, has a rich history intertwined with art. His Great Grandfather, John Rogers, was a martyr burned at the stake in 1555 for translating and printing one of the first English Bibles. Relatives Thomas Rogers and Samuel Fuller signed the Mayflower Compact in 1620, and his great-great-grandfather, Henry Clay Rogers, settled Lehi, Arizona, in 1877. Born in Mesa, Arizona, Scott’s uncle, Grant Speed, was a renowned artist in western art.

Quotes about Scott’s work highlight its unique qualities, such as sculpting on the edge, perfection in chaos, and a presence that transcends the physical confines of the sculpture. Scott aims to create art that serves as an instant conduit to knowledge, anatomy, feelings, history, and tradition. His goal is to lift spirits, inspire positivity, and encourage viewers to actively engage with the portrayed events or times.

Scott’s youth experiences, from saving a drowned boy at twelve to winning a Golden Gloves boxing championship at sixteen, contribute to the authenticity of his sculptures. These diverse experiences, including camping in snow, participating in rodeos, and working in an Alaskan gold mine, shape the emotional fingerprints evident in his artwork.

In Scott’s own words, his lifelong fascination with renegades, outlaws, and stories of courage and freedom fuels his desire to use art as a means to inspire others to appreciate the beauty of life in all its forms.

“My desire is to use art as a vehicle which inspires mankind to see the beauty of all life. A great work of art lifts the spirit! It can assist one to reach out for the ‘good’ in life. Art is able to inspire one to feel better about themselves and their fellowmen. Sculpture can be an instant conduit to a rich body of knowledge (i.e. anatomy, feelings, history and lore)”. For me, “It is in sculpting my feelings that allows me to make a piece feel larger than the confines of the piece itself.” – Scott Rogers