About this artist

Western painter G. Russell Case draws inspiration from creation, placing little value on literal translations. His sweeping, idealized renditions of the western landscape are compositions that blend the beauty of the created world with the rich imagination and originality of an artist’s mind. While an unmistakable honesty emanates from his painted environments, rooted in his direct engagement with the land, viewers may be reminded of other great artists of the west, whose work is characterized by distinctive artistic philosophies. Case is undoubtedly a student of his artistic forebears. The monumental scale of Maynard Dixon or the unfiltered color and light of Thomas Moran both find expression in his visual language. Yet, Case’s work is simple, pure, and fresh; his paintings draw in the viewer, delivering timeless landscapes. We are immediately transported into a world created by shadow and light, with immense vistas punctuated by jagged mountains and inhabited by lonesome cowboys and Native Americans.

Currently, Russell Case’s work is showcased in galleries including Astoria in Jackson, WY; Maxwell Alexander Gallery in LA, California; Legacy Gallery in Santa Fe, NM; David Ericson Fine Art in Salt Lake City, UT; and Bingham Gallery in Mt. Carmel, UT. Case has earned numerous awards, including Best of Show and First Place Oil Painting at the Phippen Western Art Show in Prescott, Arizona, in 2001; First Place at the Southwest Magazine Artist to Watch Show in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, in 2002; Best of Show, People’s Choice, and Artist’s Choice at Maynard Dixon Country in Mt. Carmel Junction, Utah, in 2003. In 2004, he received the Golden Thunderbird Award for Best of Show at the Maynard Dixon Country exhibition. In 2005, Russell won the Edith Hamlin award at the Maynard Dixon Country and was the featured artist at the Coors Show in 2010. In 2012, he was awarded Best of Show at the Coors Western Art Exhibition & Sale, and in 2014, he received the Artists’ Choice award. His work is featured in national shows like Prix de West in Oklahoma City, OK; Coors Western Art Exhibition in Denver, CO; and Maynard Dixon Country in Mt. Carmel, UT.

Case expresses gratitude and humility for the opportunity to make a living as a landscape painter, giving all glory and praise to God, the author, and sustainer of all creation. Russell resides in Brigham City, Utah, with his wife Susanne and their three children: Taylee (Nick Winder), Morgan (Dane Walker), and Cooper. He is also a proud grandfather to six grandchildren.


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Permanent Museum Collections

  • National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, Oklahoma
  • Springville Museum, Utah
  • Phippen Museum, Arizona