About this artist

Robert continues to cultivate his gifts, style, and work ethic as an eminent impressionistic oil painter. Tall and soft-spoken, Robert possesses sincerity and courtesy that reflect his Idaho farm upbringing. Robert Moore was born in Burley, Idaho in 1957 and raised near the Snake River. There, amidst the wide open plains bounded by rugged mountains, his appreciation for nature was sparked. A contemplative, quiet individual, Robert discovered art as a way to freely express his feelings. His practical background and belief in discipline led him to first earn a Bachelor of Science degree with teaching credentials in Art from Eastern Oregon State College and then a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Art Center School of Design in California. At Art Center, Robert received a full scholarship and majored in Illustration. He graduated with honors. Robert prefers painting ‘en plein-aire’ to best express his immediate impression of each subject. Plein aire painting allows him to capture the light and color effects of creation’s order. He frequently uses vivid colors and high-keyed values that reveal a spiritually inspired joy. Robert’s paintings have a characteristic mood and energy about them that invite the viewer to experience the beauty he sees in nature.