About this artist

Paige Pierson is a classically trained fine artist who borrows her imagery from the American Southwest as well as interweaving homages to space and off world landscapes. Paige completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at the University of North Texas and possesses a Master of Science from Texas Woman’s University.

“The majority of my imagery comes from rural America; specifically the American Southwest. I also draw infinite inspiration from space as I’m particularly fixated on the concept of outer and inner space as both a noun and a verb. Having lived in a metropolitan city for the greater part of my life, I feel drawn to the openness of this land as it relates to the painter’s palette. The suffocation from urban life has brought me closer to the landscapes I often paint. The American Southwest continues to represent the concept of space as precious and finite. I’m hopeful the viewer is able to gain an understanding of the epic environments I explore and the emphasis I’m attempting to place on their grandeur. There are no greater cathedrals than the canyons, rivers, mountains, and deserts of the Southwest.”

Paige currently lives in Northern New Mexico with her husband and three Old English Sheepdogs. She is also a psychotherapist and splits her time between both careers.