About this artist

Michael Coleman’s paintings have been called a “synthesis of man and nature finding union in art.” He is able to achieve that union in his art because he has long been on intimate terms with nature. As a boy, he trapped, hunted, and fished in the woods surrounding his Rocky Mountain home. Now, he continues to turn to nature for inspiration, artistic and personal. “I inhale the natural world, and love it most when it’s moody, stormy, wet, snowy, and dusky-colored.” he says. It has been Coleman’s lifelong goal to exist n harmony with the reality of nature and the pulse of art. Peter Hassrick, former Director of the Buffalo Bill Historic Center in Cody, Wyoming, writes, “His art lends contemporary credence to the already vital and relished artistic heritage of the West.

He has fashioned for himself a world which exists in the timeless calm; one in which life-forms are like jewels sewn into a luminous mantle of the animals he paints and sculpts. His is not scientific bent, but on most spiritual, on connected by an elemental reflection of life and death.” “Although Coleman’s prime artistic consideration was originally focused on the depiction of animals, man now looms large on his broad western landscapes. The use of Indian figures has humanized Coleman’s elegant scenes, providing both scale and sympathy. The painted lodges, feathered war ponies, and fallen prey of the hunt command significant historic focus.” Michael Coleman has achieved worldwide recognition through numerous exhibitions and awards. We are proud to perpetuate his artistic legacy by presenting this outstanding collection of new works.