About this artist

Kimball describes his style of Plein Air as realism. While in his work he strives for accurate drawing, value, and color to represent his subject, he relies heavily on the spontaneity of the paint as it is transferred from brush to canvas. Through thick and thin, rough and smooth brushwork, he believes that detail is better left implied than described.

Since entering into the art market, Kimball has enjoyed consistent sales and positive feedback from collectors, vendors, and other prominent artists. In 2021 he was inducted as a member of Plein Air Painters of America where he has served as vice president. His work has been featured in full articles in prominent art magazines, and it has taken him to incredible locations throughout many different states as well as other countries. He’s earned awards through various painting competitions and shows, including the Grand Prize for the annual Plein Air Salon for 2022. Today Kimball lives in Rexburg, Idaho, with his family where he enjoys the rich mountain terrain that Idaho has to offer.