About this artist

Harrison Jim is Navajo and a member of the Red House Clan. Born and raised in Gallup, New Mexico. Growing up, he was exposed to the traditional arts through his aunt and grandmother who often wore beautiful pieces and would also weave rugs at home. This early exposure sparked a strong interest in the arts for him. Harrison honed his skills by apprenticing under renowned jewelers such as John Hall, Tommy Jackson, and McKee Platero. These mentors not only taught him the technical aspects of jewelry making, but also instilled in him a deep respect for the traditional Navajo methods and materials. Harrison also pursued formal training through various workshops and classes to further refine his craft.
Harrison has developed a unique style that sets his work apart from others in the industry. He blends traditional Navajo techniques with contemporary designs, resulting in pieces that are both modern and rooted in tradition. His attention to detail and use of high quality materials have earned him a loyal following among collectors and admirers alike. His designs are reflective of bright stars in the New Mexico nights and his geometric forms, of the landscape. With his sleek and contemporary shapes and designs, he manages to balance the flavor of tradition along with his stylized approach to Indian imagery. The colorful and innovative inlays in his jewelry are inspired by the natural gifts that Mother Earth and Father Sky provide to each and every one of us.