About this artist

Greg English has a natural eye for light source and believes “knowing how to blend light and shadow” is the key to drawing the observer into his paintings. Viewing Greg’s work one would never believe he has had no formal training. His passion for detail and realism surfaced around the age of 10 as he drew and sketched everything that caught his eye. Today, trained by experience and natural ability, Greg’s oil paintings of Native American pottery, as well as his pencil drawings of a variety of subjects, are marvelous examples of conviction, understating and dedication of both interpretation and realism.

Raised in Arizona, but born in Illinois, Greg has always been exposed to art and creativity. At a young age Greg painted along side his mother, the well known oil painter, Cheryl English.  His equally creative father, Joel English, ran his own award winning advertising agency in Phoenix for 15 years. Greg began winning awards for his paintings at a young age. Greg paints out of his studio in his home in Scottsdale.