About this artist

Chris Hunt is a nationally recognized Artist who specializes in bronze sculpture, charcoal and pastel drawings. His realistic portrayals of past and present figures bring their unique stories to life with remarkable detail and drama. He has a breathtaking flair for capturing and evoking emotion in every work, ranging from the noble and striking Native American, the historic Vaquero to the hard working American Cowboy. Chris’s work has been sought after by individual collectors, corporate installations, TV personalities and even heads of state. He has won several Best of Show awards, People’s Choice awards and several Best Sculpture awards in shows and museums. He also has been featured in magazine publications such as Art of the West, Cowboys & Indians, Western Art Collector and a feature publication for NSide Texas.

Artist Statement:

I use my work to build a bridge from the past to the present and awaken the senses through vivid realism and bold composition. I want the deep tones of my charcoal to convey the feeling of yesteryear, to pull ones imagination to a place they’ve never been before, to live the story of my subject, and then with a touch of brilliant color in pastel, the viewer is transported to the here and now while still being engrossed in history.

My sculpture exists to enable a spiritual trip in the round. This experience in the third dimension is romantic retrospect, come to life. I find myself a guide to a place so captivating to my soul that it’s my responsibility to make the West our Rendezvous.