About this artist

Chase Tafoya grew up in California being inspired by the deep rooted melting pot of cultures. Drawing since the age of 3, he had been obsessed with making art as far back as he can remember, essentially becoming a self taught artist, and teaching himself how to later paint at age 20.

Living and exploring throughout the west coast, Chase has developed an inspiration and influence from his family heritage and the culture which it brought. “My desire to create comes from a constant search of how to evoke an emotion, and convey a message, by capturing the beauty that the American west constantly reveals to those who pay attention.“

Today, Tafoya can be found chasing the beautiful changing climates and landscapes of central Oregon, where he resides with his wife and son, in search of that next inspiring backdrop and subject matter that he feels must be captured with paint.

“I feel blessed to be given this gift of creating, and to not use it, is not an option for me. So many people spend their whole lives searching for their passion, and I was able to find mine at a young age. I will never take this ability for granted.”