“It’s like the song Willie Nelson sings, ‘I grew up a-dreamin’ of bein’ a cowboy and lovin’ the cowboy ways…’I’d have been one too if it hadn’t been for my third grade teacher.” -Howard

Howard Post’s career, you could say began in third grade when his school teacher submitted one of his drawings to the local newspaper.  He won the competition and was awarded a yellow toy bulldozer (which he still has today).   He is a third-generation Arizonian and grew up on a small ranch near Tucson in southern Arizona.  He attended the University of Arizona where he completed his BFA and MFA degrees.  In the early 1970s he worked as a graphic designer and illustrator for a variety of clients throughout the United States.  After serving on the faculty at both University of Arizona and Arizona State University, he began painting full-time.

He remains true to his western heritage.  He still competes in roping competitions throughout the west, yet he still considers himself an artist rather than a cowboy.  Foremost is his role as a husband and father.  With his wife of 49 years, Marilyn, they have five grown children and 18 grandchildren.

“Forever West”

Legacy Galleries brings together nine of the most important Western artists for this show.  Forever West features the work of Glenn Dean, Howard Post, Russell Case, Bill Anton, Jeremy Winborg, Teresa Elliot, ZS Liang, Kyle Polzin, Kim Wiggins, and Bryan Haynes.  Together they capture the emotion of the environments, communities, and peoples they paint.