Scottsdale, AZ
Jackson, WY
Bozeman, MT

David Gluck

Gluck’s education has been eclectic and varied, comprised of brief stints of study the world over, from New Mexico to Italy, from France to Canada.  Sharing a studio with his wife for longer than any one course of study he pursued, they have extracted influence and an education from each other.  Inspired by the characters he has met throughout his travels, his favorite subjects are hard-scrabble people who have tangled with nature and carved out their space in the world with grit and determination.  His first major award-winning painting was of an elderly homeless man he had befriended during a Toronto winter, painted as an early Canadian fur trapper.  He is attracted to the rugged and worn in both his models and his still life props.  In his work you will find characters and objects made beautiful by the indelible imprint of time, use, and exposure to the elements.  Like his wife, he uses her extended family to model for his paintings.  Using family members for models gives the paintings personal significance to the family.

Additional Artwork